Monday, 9 December 2013

Anastasia Eye Covet Eyeliner Review

Hi guys, today am sharing my thoughts on the Eye Covet Waterproof Eyeliner Set from Anastasia beverly hills brand. It's a mini set pack of eyeliners with seven lovely shades which saves you the stress of having to choose, a holiday season collection, this set saves you alot price wise as one eyeliner alone cost £16 whereas the whole set cost £26, this is one sure covet for Christmas. They measure 0.01oz each and come in both shimmer and matte texture. I wanted to buy the Urban Decay eyeliner holiday set but settled for this to save my wallet and it's probably the best decision i made, they are vibrant colours that i can use on a daily basics to create different looks and i can also keep them in my kit.

They are very easy to use and perfect for travelling as you only need to retract the bottom to apply, that saves you the stress of using a sharpener. They are also smudge proof and tear resistant which is one of the things i look out for when buying eyeliners because i hate messy smudge liner running down my eyes, they last for a very long time especially on the waterline and that's because they are waterproof, they stay put from the minute i apply them, till whenever i decide to take them off. I have noticed that i don't even need primer when i use these liners, they are insanely creamy, highly pigmented and blend effortlessly. Seriously these liners can last well over 9 solid hours without fading and i find myself struggling to take them off even with makeup remover. The packaging is compact and cute with rose gold details against the glossy black finish and they each have their names written on it, it also has a colour shade at the bottom of the pencil to help you easily identify the colours you might need to use. It has 3 matte shades and 4 glittery shades which in my opinion is very pratical, the glitter shades really stands out the most and i believe they will create refreshing looks for any eye. However i realise that the noir shade which is the matte black broke when i tried to use it for the first time, it was very stiff and i found it difficult to use but after a few rub on my palm to create heat, it became soft but was patchy when i used it. That said it's still a quality eyeliner set and i recommend it because it's got great formular and is so worth the price you pay for it. I was actually going to swatch them but i've been so busy running around shopping for Christmas and that has limited my time to blogging (i really apologize for that), hopefully i will do an update on this post with swatches of each eyeliner but this post is to help you decide what gift to get (beauty wise) for that special person in your life. Enjoy and have a great week guys, Toodles. xoxo bynki

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