Monday, 3 March 2014

Mac Prep+Prime CC Colour Correcting Review / Little Haul

Hi guys, happy new month to you all. I received some of these products from Mac from their two new collection - A Fantasy of Flower and CC prep+prime, i only received the mineralized skinfinish in Stereo Rose from the FOF collection and am sorry i don't have it in this picture, (completely forgot to snap it along), it's such a lovely powder and i will be doing a review just for it soon. From the CCP+P collection, i got the cream and powder in adjust and neutralize, i will be reviewing only the colour correct cream in neutralize today because i am yet to test the powder in adjust. Normally i would test out both, but because my face is still healing from all the acnes and blemishes i got recently, i only test out products one at a time.

I bought 2 Heroine Lipstick as it was back in stock after a long time and guess what? it's permanent! Heroine is a deep bright purple/violet colour matte lipstick and it's a fan favourite and was quite difficult to get then because it was limited edition but Mac has finally answered our request (beauty junkies like me) and made it permanent, grab yourself this gorgeous shade this spring/summer and feel fabulous. I also got Magenta Lip liner, a bright deep purple colour, this is another stunning shade to line the lips to help prevent bleeding. Next thing i got was the Luxury powder puff, i like to use both brush and puff for my powder application, It comes in a pack of two with a pretty satin detail attached at the top, this is so you can fit your fingers into it, making it easier to hold the puff. It's thick and double padded and feels very soft on the face, i really like it.

Now onto the review proper, i was really excited to try this new Prep + Prime CC Colour Correcting SPF 30 cream mostly because of the yellow base colour, it's a tinted corrector supposed to be used under your foundation or on it's own, for very light coverage to help reduce redness and also neutralize the face or any particular area, in general it's a multi tasking formula, very creamy and pigmented. It applied very smooth on the face but am sorry to say this is a NO for me, i just think it has too much yellow in it, besides i didn't notice any much difference on my face when i applied it, however it slightly covered the redness on my cheeks (not fully), i feel like this would be great for dry skin and for those who want a prep primer to provide hydration for the face. I owe the Fortified Skin Enchancer Illuminateur de teint SPF 35 and this is pretty much the same, so if you have that, i advice you skip this and go for the other textures in loose and compact form. It comes in three other shades
Adjust - peachy beige
Illuminate - lavender
Recharge - apricot
It's available instore for £23, i have already started testing out the loose powder and will do a review by the end of the week alongside the FOF stereo rose skinfinish. I wish you all a blessed week, Toodles. xoxo  bynki

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