Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Rihanna New Spokeswoman For Mac Viva Glam

Mac Comestics has chosen Rihanna to collaborate with again, this time for their Viva Glam Campaign, she will be their new spokesperson for 2014. The beauty shades will feature riri chic frost red lipstick and lipglass. RiRi is a force to reckon with as her love for bold lipstick is something every girl would want and personally speaking, i find her a great match for this campaign especially after her last year success with them (Mac) where products sold out in minutes. (RiRi Hearts Mac).

Mac Viva Glam  (for those who don't know) actually helps contribute to HIV/AIDS cause, for every product you buy, Mac donates every cent to the fund towards helping women, men and children living with this disease. Rihanna says makeup is her major accessory, it can make her outfit, change her outfit and that's why she loves to play with colours. Viva Glam has seen other celebrities support its cause from Nicki Minaj to Lady Gaga, each having products named after them. I can't wait for the release this month ending and am looking forward to it, hope you are too! Have a Fab day everyone and God bless. Toodles, xoxo  bynki

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