Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Pro Hygiene Brush Cleaner & Wet N Wild Lipstick Review


Hi guys, hope you all are doing well. Reviews on this blog has been quite slow and that's due to a few reasons, i'll be honest i've been suffering from a really rough breakout because of different products i test out everyday and i guess my face could'nt take it anymore and finally reacted. It's a shame because i must personally test out products myself before i write a review on them or recommend it to you guys whether or not it's worth buying. And because i get sent different products from different company, there's so much to try on one face (just my face), and that's why i haven't been posting makeup reviews lately, allowing my face time to heal before i put anything makeup on, because my face looks like crap right now. I got some handmade products and some Origins products to use and so far, it's working. In the meantime i will be reviewing other makeup related products and today am talking about this amazing brush cleaner and lovely lipstick.


This is the Pro Hygiene Collection makeup brush cleaner, it's a duo combined product and i must say how happy i am to have it. It's a spray cleaner with antibacterial to reduce any infection you might get from using your makeup brushes on different faces and to clean your brushes at the same time, honestly i love this product as it saves me time and can remove anything from product residue to oil whilst still sanitizing my brushes. It says it kills 99.99% of bateria within 60 seconds with just one spray and guess what?? it does Exactly that! I use it on both my natural and synthetic brush and other tools in my kit. The packaging is very simple and easy to use, i particularly like the spray nozzle as it is sturdy and dispenses just the right amount i need to wipe my brushes. I use kitchen towels as a base to do the cleaning as it's more effective and fast. As a MUA, ensuring my makeup tools and kit are clean is super important because you are applying and using same tool on different people, you have to keep yourself and your clients safe by washing, cleaning and disinfecting all your work tools. I strongly recommend this and also check out their other products.


This lipstick is by Wet & Wild in Cherry Bomb, it's a lovely deep dark red colour that gives a very vampy look and i'm so impressed with it, i have had it for a while now and thought to do a review on it. I requested for this shade because i couldn't get the riri hearts mac talk that talk lipstick and this was the closest dupe to it and i can tell you, it's even better because TTT is very dry and patchy.


Wet & Wild lipsticks are not available here in the UK therefore it's quite a struggle to find a seller, i got mine from a friend who visited the US a while back. This cherry bomb shade makes me feel very sexy when i have it on, it's perfect for fall and winter season or date night. I particularly like the satin finish it gives and it's so pigmented too, i'm tempted to get more of their lipstick because they have stunning shades and the price is unbelievable, they cost just $1.99, say whattt???. This lipstick doesn't require lip liner because it's very rich in colour but i suggest you blot when you apply to avoid thin lines on the lip and bleeding. I'm definitely keen for more Wet & Wild products like their eyeshadow palettes and eye liners, have you guys tried any of their products before?. Have a lovely day and Toodles. xoxo  bynki

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