Friday, 3 January 2014

Mac's Saint Germain & Flat Out Fabulous Review

Hi guys, my first post of the year are these lovely lipsticks i got for Christmas from my baby, they are Mac's Saint Germain and Flat out Fabulous.These colours have actually been on my mind for a while so you can imagine my excitement when i got them, i was happy because for me, the thought of giving me gifts just makes me feel special. The shades are very daring, bright and pretty and will definately add colour to your lips. Saint Germain is an amplified lipstick with a cream formula, i really like the fact that it glides on smooth and doesn't dry out the lip, it's long lasting too and wears for about 5-6 hours on me. It is incredibly bright therefore will attract attention and people will notice you so if you are the shy type, this one is not for you. The colour is a bright lilac with pink tone and after it settles on the lips, it gradually fades into a very beautiful pale barbie pink colour which i love, it will suit any skin tone but will really pop on light to warm skins.

Flat Out Fabulous is actually from their retro matte 2013 collection, i missed out of getting myself one when it launched because it sold out fast so i was super excited to finally have it (thanks baby). It's a lovely fuchsia matte colour with purple plum tone and as matte as it looks, it actually applied better than i thought it would, it went on smooth because it has more moisturizing than Mac's regular matte line and didn't dry out my lips that much, the colour was very rich and opaque. It has reflects two colours when in bright or dark areas so bear that in mind when purchasing it, if you have dry or cracked lips, ensure you exfoliate your lips properly and use lip balm before you apply this lipstick as it tends to show fine lines on the lip and that can be very irritating. You can use lip liner before you apply it to aviod bleeding if you want, but i found out i didn't need to on myself, the wear time is about 5-6 hours. This shade is universal so will suit both light skin as well as dark skin. Hope you all have a great weekend filled with holiday cheers and welcome on board 2014! xoxo bynki

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