Sunday, 12 May 2013

VB Cracks a Smile

This past Friday Victoria Beckham actually Smiled….I mean Smiled OOH, for the first time in Ages, The woman Never Smiles I swear! this is a pic to prove it But guess what?  It only lasted a day as the 39-year-old went back to her normal way of having a moody looking pout pursed on her face. Victoria I know it’s hard to smile with all the flashing light in your face but Smiling is free ooh, you don’t have to pay to even laugh. Enough of the Bashing, This is VB on Saturday looking stylish as usual.
She completed her styled to perfection look with black trousers emphasising her Lepa frame and Obviously her Obligatory heels, while she covered her eyes in her usual dark sunglasses. Beckham carried a clutch for her shopping, Loving her outfit and how I wish I can dress like this Everyday to shop. More Photos after the cut

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