Friday, 24 May 2013

Super soft feet

This is a simple trick I do to my feet to keep them super soft and smooth from cracks and scales. Use these products three times a week and your feet will be soft like a baby’s bottom just in time for summer ready to rock all your lovely Sandals.
Here is the simple process with four simple products u will need

Any hair conditioner product

Gel lined sock
Pumice stone aka black stone

After you shower, use hair conditioner to wash your feet then rub your feet with a pumice stone, wipe it off, put Vaseline on your feet and put on some socks. That simple!
I do this 3x a week to my feet and I also really like the gel-lined socks, they are Amazing. You can get them at John Lewis for £36.80 quite expensive but well worth it or at Ebay for £8 for the half pair.


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