Thursday, 16 May 2013

Latest Lip Trend


Fashionistas are calling it the Ombré Petal lips and I strongly advice you give this look a go when you feel that fresh Summertime vibe in the air. It gives you fuller lips- no needles needed, A huge hit on the spring/summer catwalks.
Ombré is French for shaded and It’s a subtle blend of 3 Lip colours, involving blending your pout dark colours to light or shading from one strong colour into another ( Pink, Nude and Orange are my favourite combo). And if done properly your lips would be soft, sultry and super kissable.

Here’s how to get the look

1. Blank out lips completely with concealer
2. Start dark on the inner areas of top and bottom lip
3. Introduce pink to the middle and outer part of  the top and bottom lips

4. Blend

And you’re done, That Simple!



  1. At last! An easy make up tip..

  2. yes easy and Luscious, kissable lips