Thursday, 23 May 2013

interesting topic to debate on


I notice that most of us hardly replace our makeup except  it runs out, however long that might take.

We forget that beauty product have a shelf life just like what we eat, this therefore causes a lot of risk to our faces and bodies giving us disfiguring skin reactions, breakouts and complexion complaints when we continue to still use them after that date.

And even those of us that know our beauty products have life span, we shockingly still keep the product well past their use by dates…. Why???

Many of us don’t want to waste the product or can’t afford a new one or some of us just think the use by date is another marketing poly to get us buying.

Ladies why do you still keep your beauty products after their shelf life? Please tell us


  1. like you said its either there's no money for replacement or forgetfulness. for me i hardly use makeup and don't even have the time to check on those stuff.

  2. yes we forget most times

  3. I really don't know why I don't. Remember to replace them ,eapecIally my eye pencil .or maybe its because I still have a little to manage or time

  4. yes very good reason dear frd