Friday, 10 May 2013

Hi Guys!!!

I’d like to welcome you to my first blog post, ever! I thought long and hard what to write as my first story? What should be my first interaction with you? I hope this blog will enable me to provoke and inspire each of my viewers with my little knowledge in the world of makeup and fashion.

For my first blog post, I’ve chosen to talk about the basics of beauty for the everyday woman. The Brow is the first basic every woman needs to define her face. Defining your eyebrows is a MUST MUST! A well groomed eyebrow balances your feature, and frame your eyes thereby enhancing your facial bone structure. Below are different shapes and style to suit your face. I have highlighted the process for you so you can DIY it yourselves in front of your mirror in the comfort of your home with a Tweezer. Please leave me your comments, questions and criticism, OOH and also your favourite…… Once again welcome on board




  1. It's funny how your first blog is about eyebrows:D. Had very dark eyebrows until 2 days ago. Tinted my eyebrows ever so slightly (with a fantastic product) and I'm luvin it! Definitely agree with you when u say a woman's eyebrow defines her face:)

  2. I agree with you Nki that the woman's eyebrow defines her face. I hate to use a tweezer bcs its quite painful, but I use it anyway bcs sometimes beauty comes with pain.

  3. yes Dear, Tweezers can be painful but they pick the hair right out from the Root..the growth source unlike Razors that simply just cut it half way and sometimes cause little bumps and uneven surface