Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Fergie's last gum sold

Sir Alex Ferguson’s last piece of chewing gum has reportedly sold for nearly £390,000, with all proceeds going to charity. A supporter appears to have scraped up the infamous gum from The Hawthorns after sunday’s Fergie finale between his Manchester United side and West Brom.

The fan then put it on internet auction site eBay in a bid to land some cash for charity, although no one had foreseen it would have brought in just shy of £400,000.

Fergie has been a ravenous chewer over the course of his 26 years in charge at United and would presumably have got through a fair bit of gum during the crazy 5-5 draw which saw his reign come to an end.
£400,000 quid for chewing gum???? some people get more money than sense I swear!

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