Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Dupe it: Beauty for less

As much as I love my high quality products, I don't always love paying so much for them. Especially now that I am getting more clients with different colours and skin tone and I have to replenish my collection to suit them, it can get expensive!
Here are a few of my favourite items and their twins for half the price! Don't always feel like you have to splurge, you can almost always find something that is close to the same for less!

I will soon start posting pictures of my clients as soon as I get their permission to do so, as most of them don’t want their pictures printed all over the internet. I did a little high end collection haul over the weekend so am expecting my big yellow bag through the door soon!

REVLON soft nude lipstick £7.99

MAC crème d' nude lipstick £14.00

BOOTS stay perfect foundation £14.00

DIOR forever foundation £32.00

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