Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Concealers & Correctors


Most people ask me what is a corrector?
Correctors are what you used for extreme under eye darkness and circles. When a regular concealer cannot fully lighten the under eye area, a peach or pink corrector is used to fill the purple or green tones under your eyes. This is simply applied underneath a regular, yellow toned concealer.

Pink corrector is used for lighter skin tones, while shades of peach are available for tan and dark skin. A corrector is different from concealer and both work differently. Its always better to buy a corrector palette with different shades as it's easier to select different colour as suppose to corrector with just one shade/cover.

What is a concealer?
Concealer is one of the most important beauty secrets especially if you have acnes and blemishes. Popping a bit of concealer on in the morning will transform your face from shallow and tired to bright and awake seriously!

You can cover redness, hide blemishes and blend away imperfections like scars and tattoos with concealer. Having said all these, it's important to learn which types and shades is applicable to your skin tone.

Concealers come in paste, stick and also in liquid, paste is thicker in texture than liquid so it's better to choose which will suit you more depending on the imperfections you are trying to cover. Also always get a shade lighter than your skin tone.


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