Thursday, 16 May 2013

Black Liquid Liner


A long-lasting carbon-black liquid Eyeliner pen is one of the best things a girl can ever have in her makeup collection and below is a few Bynki guide and easy ways to apply your liner and create an edgy rock look in different styles....Details after the cut

This is a ladylike cat eyeliner style with precise, clean edges.

TIP: This is the most wearable look for loads of women and It’s also really easy to get if you know how to place it. I recommend using the curve of your lower lash line as a guide for the winged-out edge and not extending it past the outer corner of your brow.

Singer in the sixties rocked this style, It is a tight curve along the lash line with an extra dose of black in the sockets for a sculpted effect.

TIP: To make this liner look less dramatic, I advise packing on the liner in a way that feels dimensional and more modern. Focus on a soft line at the lashes, add mascara to the roots, and build the intensity by layering on plenty of liner for a multi-dimensional look.

Seventies ladies lined their top and bottom lash lines with pure black kohl for a tough, Smouldering look.

TIP: Make sure you rim the top and bottom lash lines with a quick-dry liner, so it doesn’t transfer onto your skin and smudge. It looks sexy and sensual—and it lasts all day too.

Pop stars in the eighties added vivid candy-coloured shades to their black-rimmed eyes to achieve a pop of Colour.

TIP: I recommend you draw a thin Stripe of black liner on the lash line and add coloured liner directly above it to define the eye while making a statement.

Ladies in the Nineties applied black liner on the waterline for a diffused appearance.

TIP: Liquid liner adds dimension—it’s actually very flattering so for a late night’s-makeup look, I advice you use water-resistant liquid liner on the waterline, then diffuses the colour with a smudging brush.

Singers of the 2000s applied bold layers of creamy, winged-out liner for an extreme wild effect.

TIP: Women usually like bold sharp eye effect so to create a mistake-free look, I recommend you draw your desired shape with a stiff angled liner brush dipped in taupe shadow, then Trace the line in one swipe and just fill it in.

Musicians today are experimenting with striking architectural and editorial Lines to frame the eyes with subtle tones with reference examples from the past.

TIP: For more complicated and graphic looks, you can create your own template to make each eye look uniform. I say use a paper or plastic, cut out the shape and size you want and use it as a stencil on each eye. This helps to speed up the process and you’re less likely to make Mistakes.

So Ladies there you have it, Hope you enjoy perfecting these tips on your Beautiful Faces!!!


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