Friday, 31 May 2013

Benefit stay dont stray


This is by far the best Eye shadow / Concealer primer I have ever used. It locked down everything thing you put on it, what’s not to love???

Benefit stay Don’t Stray is a truly fabulous stuff seriously. I’m all about under eye concealer and I love that this makes my concealer last so much longer and it prevents it from settling into fine lines around the eyes.  It’s flesh-toned and evens out skin tone, it also gives my concealer a bit more concealing power.
For shadows, it definitely prevents them from fading away, keeps creasing at bay, and colors show up with more intensity.

It also has skin care benefits ( can you believe it?) because It’s made with vitamins C and E to prevent the signs of aging and sodium hyaluronate to hydrate skin. It doesn’t have parabens and stays fresh in an airless pump, which prevents fingers from contaminating the product and spreading bacteria. The only cons about it is that the pump at the top of the bottle can get dirty easily as you can see from the photo. So sorry I should have at least cleaned it up.
Its available in Boots for £20.50, quite pricey but well worth it and you wouldn't regret it

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