Wednesday, 15 May 2013

5 Summer Wardrobe Must-Haves

·         SUNGLASSES….A good pair of Sunglasses to block the sun off your eyes, especially for Protecting Your under eye circle and it also helps give a clear vision under the burning sun. Cat eyes and Embellished designs are really in Vogue now



·         BEACH….if you can try and visit a beach this summer, if not then going to the Pool is your best bet. It will help you unwind and give you that inner most private moment to reflect on a lot of things on your mind in a peaceful and relaxed surrounding or the cool fresh breeze from the sea

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    SUNSCREEN….This is a must for everybody whether you are Dark, Light, Olive, Fair or Orange. It helps to reduce the sun rays from burning your skin, in burning I mean you feel your skin itching skin especially when the temperature is very high. Sunscreen helps to cool that effect. Any sunscreen is fine as long as it has SPF over 20, You can get some from your Local Drugstore at very reasonable prices.


·         SHORT…A pair of Hot shorts is good to invest in this summer no matter your age (well not for over 45). It just screams SUMMER! And It’s good for running around the park with your Kids or Alone time strolling with your boyfriend, Hubby, Partner to appreciate that you’re still looking Hot. It also show case your legs whether long or short. A good trick to prep your legs for shorts is Apply a good amount of skin oil to smoother your legs and also make it shine. Another Essential must is Shaving but then again not everybody shaves so you’re allowed to skip that  if It isn’t your beauty routine. Tropical and Floral loose prints are what's in vogue now so snap yourself a bargain from High street store Matalan

·         SANDALS….This is a MUST MUST have…get yourself a lovely and most importantly Quality sandal, in quality I mean a sandal that can stand wear and tear because we ladies always love and feel good wearing a sandal. It just relaxes your feet and takes away all the pains from Killer Heels.
Hope you like my Picks for your Must have wardrobes this summer, Please feedback me your choices and comments. I love hearing from you as your feedbacks encourages me.  Next post I’ll talk about the perfect nail shades for summer and how to get Salon nail Manicure  all by Yourself. Have a lovely Mid-week and ENJOY!!!


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