Friday, 24 May 2013

12 steps to love

  1. Give him an eyeful- Not of your breasts or legs ooh or any other body part for that matter, but of your Eyes. Locking eyes with a guy doesn’t just tell him you’re interested, it can even make him feel like he’s falling in love with you. Why? Because it’s the behaviour of loved-up couples.
  2. Be like him- We may not realise it, but we have a natural tendency to go for people who not only have similar interests like us and backgrounds to us, but also use similar facial expressions. Laughter, sociable, friendly, shy and emotional expressions are all indications of what a person is like so we seek out people who look as though they’d be compatible with us
  3. But don’t go too far- Feel free to try the things he does, but if it doesn’t feel like a good fit, drop it. Same goes for you too, faking aspects of your personality or pretending to like what you don’t and be who you're not will just lead to trouble
  4. Hang around a lot- Unless he doesn’t like you in the first place (in which you’re kind of doomed, sorry). In fact, the more time you spend together, the more he’ll like you. Advertising yourself works seriously!
  5. Now disappear- Spend time with your family and friends, do fun things you love yourself and allow him do same. This is cool as it'll give you a greater sense of control of your own emotions, and help to heighten his.
  6. Ask for his help- In this day and age when women are fiercely independent, a man can feel less able to give her what she needs - other than sex, so what does he have to offer many women ask? Well by relying on him a little and letting him rely on you too, you’re allowing the bond between you two to deepen. A good step towards falling in love.
  7. Be confident too- Yes, guys like to feel needed. No, they don’t want to feel as though you might collapse into a boneless and needy being when they’re not around. A woman who knows what she likes and makes every effort to get it is very attractive. Men adore confident women!
  8. Laugh- women love a man who makes them laugh. When people seem to be enjoying our entertaining banter, it makes us feel confident, and that in turn, makes us feel good, sexy even. If each time you see a guy, you leave him feeling great about himself, he’ll begin to associate that feeling with you. You’re halfway to making him fall in love with you.
  9. Be a good friend- If you want a man to care about you deeply, friendship is the key. Being supportive, listening to him, making him laugh, helping him feel good about himself and life in general. These are the things that make him really value you, and the more he values you, the more he loves you.
  10. Feed him grapes- The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. It’s such a cliché and it feels pretty sexist too. Why should a woman have to feed her man? And why can’t he feed you grapes instead? Well, the fact is everyone, man, woman, dog or cat loves to be fed. This isn’t something that’s peculiar to men only, but it is a sure fire way to make anyone feel loved.
  11. Love him- Love is a two way thing. You can’t expect him to love you if you don’t really love him in the first place. Love him too as much as he loves you, the two go hand in hand.
  12. Love yourself- This is both the first and the last step in getting a guy to fall for you. If you don’t truly love yourself, he will find it difficult to fall in love with you. Think of yourself as the number one prize because to the right person that’s exactly what you are. To get to feel that good about yourself you need to learn to appreciate all the good things you have to offer, and by that I don’t mean your physical appearance. It’s also not about the new and expensive things in your wardrobe, your skills at work or the fact that you’ve got money, It’s about loving who you are as a person. Knowing yourself, knowing that you’re sociable, witty, kind, insightful, cool under pressure, empathetic, all these are the steps in loving yourself.  Let him see your best attributes as often as you can, Put yourself in situations where you can shine and he’ll soon see the light and come kneeing with a Ring, that’s if you don’t already have a ring.


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